It’s a Hamster Toy Christmas 2009!

Mr. Squiggles the hamster, one of four main pets, is the best gift for your kids this year. He is the smartest virtual pet hamster available in the market today. This cute little virtual pet will make your kids feel like getting a real hamster. Out of the 4 the best toy this winter is Zhu Zhu pet hamster Mr. Squiggles. All you need to know is where is the right place to findSanta’s declared that it’s going to be a hamster toy Christmas 2009 and parents who procrastinate are going to be sorely disappointed (and paying out the nose) for little Jane or Johnny’s special gift. The elves at Santa’s workshop only made a limited number of toy hamsters – do you have yours yet? If not, I’ll show you where to find them.

It’s not he big man in a red suit’s fault that Zhu toy is outselling all others this holiday season. Who knew they would be so popular? They’re not actually new to the toy scene – they used to go by the name Go Go hamsters.

But for some reason, a newhamster pricehamster price      name made the appeal of toy hamsters skyrocket, right along with the price as demand rose and supply dwindled. There are going to be several components to this gift selection that you need to know, so let’s go over those first and then talk about where to find Zhu Zhu toy hamsters in stock.

Zhu Zhu toys sell in local retail stores, but good luck finding them there! You might call ahead, but then there’s always that other parent who did the same thing and won’t think twice of elbowing you if it means she gets to grab the toy hamster off the shelf before you do.

To have a hamster toy Christmas 2009, you’ll want to buy the following must-have items:

1.) One Zhu toy hamster – Mr. Squiggles is the most popular, but there’s also Chunk, Pipsqeek and Num Nums. Take your pick, but don’t be picky if you find them in stock!

2.) One Zhu toy hamster house – Even though it’s not real, you can’t have a hamster without a house! Order a Zhu Zhu toy hamster funhouse because the toy hamster can actually act differently as it enters various rooms.

3.) Zhu Zhu toy hamster beds,  hamster price blankets and carriers – Your kids will want to nurture and care for this little toy pet, and they can’t do it if it doesn’t have a bed and blanket to snuggle in! Plus, they’ll want to tote their Zhu toy to grandma’s house, so a carrier is a must-have.

4.) Any other Zhu Zhu toy accessories you can get your hands on – That includes an add-on hamster wheel, garage, ramp or slide or any of the various toys it can play in, such as the surfboard and sleep dome, hamsterball or skateboard. Who knew hamsters could skateboard?

Now you know what you need. Question is – where to find the Zhu toys? You can find everything you need for a hamster toy Christmas 2009 online. The hamsters, the accessories, the beds, blankets and more! Just don’t worry needlessly. Order ASAP so that your child doesn’t look at you with those big, brown eyes and wonder why they didn’t get the ONE thing they asked Santa to bring

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him and take advantage of this cute hamster. Reading the reviews here about Mr. Squiggles will shed some light on how to get him, he is still the most sought out pet and at a reasonable price for your kids.

Why Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters are so special? The pet hamsters are very much similar to the actual hamsters, the only real difference is they are battery operated toys which make them very similar to the hamsters and have very related behaviour. You will understand why they are so special when these toys are switched on. Once they are switched on they scuttle on the floor the way a live hamster does.

Furthermore it can speak or squeak like a pet Hamsters does. Zhu Zhu pet hamsters has the mirror look as the original hamsters. The behaviour and appearance of num num are so magnificent that one will think it is the real deal if you see it for the first time.

The popular pets are classified in four and they are Chunk, Pipsqueak, Mr Squiggles and Num Nums. Mr. Squiggles is the most popular among the four. Hamsters were formerly known as Go Go pets until the company changed the brand name into Zhu Zhu pets. Which they come with much better technology and better appearance when the company’s brand name was converted to Zhu Zhu pets.

Why buy Pipsqueak and the other pet hamster for your loving kids? Pipsqueak is the perfect gift for your kid as your kids will be very excited about this toy. Every kid dream is to have a pet of their own. You would not have to do that with the fluffy light brown pet. It will keep your kid busy the whole day. Chunk entertains children scurrying around for hours. Kids find it funny to watch Chunk scuttling around them. He is a very lovable toy. It imitates a real hamster.